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Video production
Gabumas - your faithful and confident guide into the world of high quality video content
Develop a unique and high-quality strategy for the effective promotion of filmed content
Process all video materials
From the beginning to the end they will accompany the filming process itself
Create location and select the necessary inventory
Conduct a casting of the cast in any country of the world and develop dazzling images for the heroes of the video
Create a unique concept for the future scenario
Our specialists are able to:
Gabumas specialists will be able to create an advertising video of any level of complexity for your project (from a viral video to a corporate film), so that launching on a new market will be the most successful and memorable for your company
  • Powerful technical base for post-production work, allowing you to complete tasks in the shortest period of time
  • Underwater shooting in a specially equipped pool
  • Filming using XR (extended reality) technologies (LED screens)
  • The most modern equipment and technologies