A company that adapts your product to the markets in any country around the world
1 000
professional specialists from more than 90 countries around the world
1 000 000
over pieces of content adapted to various languages
immense projects successfully launched on local markets in different countries
high level of customer service
Flexible prices and extensive assortment of services provided
Up-to-date written opinions from each native focus group participant
Huge network of high-end professionals from various countries around the world
Full support of the project across all steps of the process
Website adapted to Asian market and developed new advertising campaign
After our company had quite a success in the CIS market, it was decided to enter an Asian market. It seemed like everything has already been worked out and new pitfalls would be avoided for sure. However, when sales in the Asian regions completely stopped and the old marketing tools did not work in any way, a straightaway decision was taken to change the process quickly.

It was decided to ask for help Gabumas company. As is known these guys work in many Asian regions and know this whole market from inside out. Working with native focus groups, a detailed analysis of old marketing tools, adapting the site to an Asian buyer and, as a result, launching a completely new advertising campaign did its job. In a very short period of time, we managed to achieve the desired results in brand awareness and a large-scale increase in the number of sales.

Irina, online shop
Testing and adaptation
In order to create a good app for learning foreign languages, you need to take into account peculiarities of each region. We didn’t experience any issues with CIS and Europeanmarkets, you just needed to do everything in one direction basically. However, when we decided to launch on Asian market, we started to receive loads of questions the answers to which we couldn’t find at all.
It was decided to contact the guys who have been working in the regions we need for many years, that’s how we found Gabumas. Company. We were helped by working with native focus groups, everything was sharp and detailed, and after the first testing, we understood how to make our product popular in the Asian market. Of course, the application had to be modified, which turned out to be quite challenging in our case, but the result was not long in coming - the downloads of the application increased x 5 times, and this, I think, is just the beginning.

Dmitrii, app for learning foreign languages
Adaptation of all the content to Turkish market; legal support, testing and product legalization
Quality and fascinating video content – is something that we have been giving to Russian speaking audience for many years. And, of course, expanding the circle of our audience and making ourselves well-known to the whole world is our main goal.

It was decided to start our expansion from Turkish market and ask for help guys from Gabumas. In super short period of time
professionals from Gabumascarried out precise testing among local residents, adapted all materials to Turkish language, from posters to media content, gave us detailed legal advice on the legalization of our project in Turkey and, most importantly, created a unique advertising campaign, considering all the preferences and characteristics of the local population.The whole complex of the work carried out led to exactly the result that we were hoping to see and eventually received, when entering the domestic Turkish market.

Yuri, online cinema
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